Support staff

Support staff

The following support staff visit school on a regular basis:


The physiotherapy staff are in school several days per week. They liaise with teachers to implement physiotherapy programmes and physical management.  Home visits are arranged by the physiotherapist where necessary.

Speech therapist

Speech therapy is based on a consultancy model where the speech therapist plans programmes for pupils and liaises with teachers implement programmes.  Speech therapists visit regularly to review pupils’ progress. In addition to this the school employs a speech therapy assistant for one day a week.

CAMHS disablity nurse

The school employs a CAMHS disability nurse for half a day a week.  She provides support to our pupils, staff and families


There is an annual dental check and parents are contacted by the dentist if treatment is required.


The orthoptist visits periodically to assess pupils’ vision.  Parents are contacted if action is required.

Advisory teachers for the Visually / Hearing Impaired

These teachers visit when required to assess and advise on visual / hearing problems. Audiology clinics are also held in school.

School doctor

The paediatrician holds surgeries within school.  These are for routine medical examinations and for parents to seek advice on medical matters relating to their child at school.

Medical support

The school nurse co-ordinates all health/medical matters.  She is also available by telephone, via the Hub, for advice on health matters regarding the pupils.  Class staff will pass on messages to all professionals.

Bi-lingual assistance

To meet the needs of pupils and families for whom English is a second language an interpreter is used when required. In addition, to support Asian families, a bi-lingual assistant is employed by the school.  The school also has staff who speak Polish and Latvian. 

Support for staff

The school aims to equip all staff with those skills and knowledge that are necessary to be effective in preparing pupils to become as independent as possible. The school also provides opportunities for personal development, which in turn benefits the children in school. Parents can be assured that professional standards are high and staff in school are given every encouragement and opportunity (within the given resources) to develop their skills in teaching and learning.