School Dress Code (School Uniform)

School dress code (school uniform)

There is a school uniform, described below.  Parents are encouraged to send their child into school wearing the uniform .  The school sells certain uniform merchandise and has details of suppliers etc.

Winter uniform:

grey or black trousers or jog pants                        grey skirt

white blouse/shirt                                                    red or white polo shirt

red sweatshirt                                                           red cardigan/pullover

Summer uniform:

red checked dress                                                   red or white polo shirt

grey skirt                                                                    red sweatshirt

grey or black trousers or jog pants                        red cardigan/pullover

knee length shorts in school colours

PE kit

Pumps / trainers, shorts and tee - shirt.

Older pupils may need other items for use at outdoor centres, football matches etc.  Parents are advised by the class teacher. Some classes find it easier to keep the kit in school and send home at the end of half a term

Swimming kit

Swimming costume / trunks

Swim pads if necessary

Bath size towel

These items will be sent home after they have been used and should be returned to school on the day of the next swimming session.

Please note that the wearing of goggles is not encouraged for health and safety reasons.

Spare clothes

The class teacher may ask for a change of clothing to be kept in school or to be sent in each day.  Parents are asked to send in adequate supplies of disposable nappies, sanitary towels etc where appropriate as these are not provided by the school.  Please note that we do not supply spare nappies.  If your child runs out of nappies and you do not send any in we will have to ask you to collect him/her when they are wet or soiled.


Extreme hairstyles and hair colours are not permitted. This includes patterns shaved into the hair.


All earrings must be a simple stud type