School aims

1. To maximise each pupils potential enabling her/him to achieve as much independence as possible and to enjoy a quality of life which is both stimulating and rewarding.

2. To enable each pupil to acquire:

a) knowledge, skills, practical and creative abilities and the motivation to use them

b) moral and social values and situation appropriate behaviour

c) emotional and social independence and adaptability in the face of change

d) self esteem

3. To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to the pupils individual needs and focuses on developing independence and preparation towards adulthood.

4. To establish the role of the school in the community in terms of mutual respect, understanding and co-operation. To develop realistic experiences for pupils within the community. These will be attained by:

a) structured use of community facilities as a feature of curriculum activities

b) participating in local community events and sharing resources

c) informing and involving governors and Trustees in all aspects of school life

d) developing links with other agencies within the Authority to offer a cohesive service to pupils and parents

5. To prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

6. To work with parents as partners.

7. To foster equal opportunities in all aspects of school life.

8. To create a positive professional and relevant educational environment to support pupils and families by:

a) supporting the professional and personal development of the staff, encouraging a policy of co-operation and a sharing of knowledge, expertise and commitment to all pupils

b) developing effective communication between school and parents