Multi-Sensory and Engagement Pathway Curriculum

The pupils within the Multi-sensory and Engagement pathway are taught through a specially adapted, meaningful topic based curriculum, . A great deal of emphasis is placed on promoting independence and developing increased levels of engagement within the seven strands of cognition and learning: Responsiveness, Curiosity, Investigation, Discovery, Anticipation, Persistence and Initiation.  Activities are designed to encourage the pupils to respond to the environment and give them access to a purposeful, individualised curriculum that fully meets their specific needs. 

Within both pathways emphasis is placed on developing communication strategies that allow our pupils to 'have a voice.' A range of communication strategies are used dependent on the specific requirements of the individual pupil.  At Kemball School we have pupils who use Makaton, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), communication books, PODD communication books and high tech communication devices.