English/Reading Schemes


The importance of English is recognised: as a subject in itself, in facilitating learning across the curriculum and in developing everyday communication and understanding.  Teacher's lesson plans provide access to Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing opportunties in ways appropriate to their needs and abilities.  This includes alternative and supplementary modes of communication.  For Progression and Functional Pathways,  B Squared is used to assess pupils’ progress in all areas of English. Phonic based reading schemes are used throughout the school and Accelerated Reading is used for all pupils who are able to access this programme.  Emphasis is placed upon the teaching of phonics with the Read, Write Inc scheme used throughout the school.  Our aim is to assist our pupils with their reading through letter recognition, moving to the use of segmenting, blending and decoding so that they are able to interpret meaning from the written word. 

At Kemball we use the following reading schemes:

Read, Write inc

Oxford Reading Tree

Phonic Bugs

Dandelion Launchers and Dandelion Readers

All aboard

Collins – Big Cat

Accelerated Reading Books