Sending money into school/Charging and Remissions Policy

The school’s policy on charging and remissions is available on the website or on request.  A brief summary follows:

     “As an integral part of the curriculum, pupils participate in educational visits.  The school will not charge for any educational visit that is undertaken during the school day, for educational purposes.  For some visits, which incur expenses such as admissions costs, parents will be invited to make voluntary contributions.  No pupil will be excluded from any educational visit but if there are insufficient contributions towards the costs an activity may be cancelled.  Where pupils participate in residential or holiday activities the costs from external providers can be requested in addition to voluntary contributions to support the planned programme of activity.

In certain circumstances charges made by the school will be remitted in whole or part.  For example, occasionally the school may be quoted a price for admission to an activity or venue and then is admitted free of charge or at a substantially reduced rate.  If a pupil is absent and money has been collected for a visit, then the money will be refunded unless the school has had to pay a substantial non-returnable deposit.” For example, if the school purchased a non-refundable theatre ticket and your child is absent on the day, then that money cannot be refunded to you.

Sending money into school

School meals are provided on the basis the meals are paid for in advance, unless your child is entitled to a free meal.  Arrears are not acceptable and in particular allowing them to build up is not in anyone’s interest. Parents should note that should arrears be for more than 10 days, then no more meals will be provided.  Please contact the school as soon as possible if you are having difficulty paying for your child’s school meals, we may be able to help you check your entitlements.  Dinner money should be sent into school each Monday, in an envelope or purse clearly marked with the child’s name. Purses are on sale in school.  Please send the correct amount of money as change is not sent home for security reasons.  A credit note will be sent instead.  Cheques are acceptable payable to ‘Kemball School’

A donation amounting to £10 a term would be appreciated towards the cost of cookery ingredients, mid-morning drinks and snacks.  You will be sent a letter requesting this amount at regular intervals.  You may, of course, wish to send your child with his/her own mid morning snack providing it is a ‘healthy option’.