Ofsted Inspection Report

The school was inspected on the 20th + 21st November 2012. The grading for overall effectiveness was Good.

A summary of the key findings of the inspection is as follows.
- This is a good school.
- It quietly goes about its work of helping students to move onwards and make the best of their lives.
- Achievement is good. Some teaching is outstanding.
- Staff are very skilled in meeting the needs of students who have the most extreme difficulties.
- Parents love this school and the way it helps them, as well as their children. They like the way it helps them to understand the tiny ways in which their children make progress each day.
- Students love coming to school and say many nice things about their experiences.
- Staff are very skilled at helping students who cannot speak for themselves. This helps these students to make choices and to let adults know if they are uncomfortable or worried.
- Students get on well with each other and with staff; this helps to create a happy, safe and calm atmosphere.
- Teaching and achievement keep on improving because the school is well led and managed.

A few other comments we are very proud of are:

- In all lessons seen pupils were making good, or occasionally outstanding, progress.
- Large classroom teams are well managed.
- Activities are outstandingly well planned to ensure they capture the attention of the students and meet their needs.
- Staff are skilled in using all sorts of aids to help students communicate and take a full part in lessons.
- Students nearly always behave well. They take pride in doing so. Behaviour in lessons is especially good.
- The Head Teacher leads and manages the school very well. She embodies the school’s determination to make students’ lives better.

A copy of the full report is included with the brochure. It can also be obtained from the school office or the Ofsted website which is www.ofsted.gov.uk