Careers Policy

Kemball School

Careers Education programme and policy


Kemball School aims to equip all pupils with the skills needed for increased independence, both during their school years and in the future. The school acknowledges the importance of a careers education programme for pupils who will have the opportunity to go on to seek paid or voluntary work within their local community. Kemball School values the importance of this in bringing increased independence for our pupils, and in learning valuable life and social skills.

The school is committed to providing meaningful employer encounters and work experience for pupils in the secondary department where appropriate for the individuals’ age and needs.

The school’s designated Careers Lead is Lowri Thorburn, who is contactable via the school office.

Careers programme

Pupils within the secondary department at Kemball School may follow either a functional pathway or a progression steps pathway. Pupils following a progression steps pathway, and in years 7 and 8 of the functional pathway, will receive careers education as appropriate for their ages and abilities as directed by the class teacher. This will be delivered in class where appropriate, through cross-curricular activities in topic-based lessons, through PSHE, and during life skills ‘world of work’ lessons currently in development.

Those pupils following a functional pathway in year 9, 10 and 11 will be assessed on their individual needs and will either follow the careers programme outlined above or participate in the preparation for adulthood day outlined below.

Preparation for adulthood

In addition to cross curricular careers activities in English and ASDAN lessons (at the discretion of the class teacher), pupils who are enrolled on the preparation for adulthood day will access careers education through 2 x 6 week blocks on a Friday, as part of the modules ‘work place visits’ and ‘young enterprise’. During the ‘work place visits’ module all selected year 9,10 and 11 pupils will carry out 6 work place visits organised by the school’s careers lead. In addition to these visits there will be follow up classroom based tasks, such as understanding different skills and qualifications, application forms and interview techniques. As part of the ‘young enterprise’ module groups will run the ‘tenner challenge’ in accordance to the Young Enterprise model.

Work experience

Where appropriate year 11 pupils will also have access to a block of work experience in a sector of their choosing, preferably outside of the school community. This is delivered in cooperation with local businesses and community groups, ideally within the space of a week, but timings may be adapted as necessary to suit the needs of the pupil or the work place.